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Brand Origin

Driving assistant system is more and more popular with car owners with the coming age of automobile intellectualized, and emerge lots of growing demands. New competition, new technique and new generation composes a “three new” environment which promotes the development of automobile intellectualized, make intelligent driving become the main development point in the future automobile industry, and bring new chance in the automobile, internet and smart hardware industry and more fields.

2005 Developed digital building intercom system

2007 Developed intelligent home and remote control system

2008 Over 100 communities in the country installed our building intercom system

2009 Developed multimedia decoder system based on NXP Vicrao 2

2010 Developed vehicle multimedia decoder based on Vicaro2 with Delphi, Compal and some other supplier in the world

2010 Developed Birdview(around view parking system)based on NXP Vicaro 2

2011 Won Golden Partner of NXP

2011 Developed Birdview and four-way record system and applied in automobile electronic market as the first company in the whole world

2012 Cooperated with HSAE(Tier1) to develop OEM and product, applied in Dongfeng Aeolus, Citroen, Peugeot and JAC and some other car factory

2013 Cooperated with Ambarella to develop ADAS system based on Intel Baytrail

2014 Developed 1080P panoramic driving system based on Ambaralla A9,got CE and FCC certification

2015 The first(A) round of financing was completed, Nanjing branch was founded, and ready for transformation

2016-2017 OEM has been upgraded from a secondary supplier to a primary supplier, with aftermarket building its own channels and brands on an OEM/ODM basis.

2018 OEM and aftermarket have been successfully transformated with projects continuing to outreach.

2018 The second(B) round of financing was completed,Chongqing & Changzhou branches were founded.

2019 Changzhou Branch was officially in a mass production.

Tel: 0755-85289002
Fax: 0755-86235696

Address: 6/F, XinzhongTai Building, Gushu Metro Station, Baoan Boulevard, Baoan District Shenzhen, PRC

 Postcode: 518000
Mailbox: Othelloyan@Baony.com

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